Our Roasters

We love our roasters, and they love us back. Delve into the city’s best and learn a little more with our roaster profiles.

Other Roasters

We keep tabs on other roasters around the Melbourne area, check them out below!

23 degrees

Coffee to connect people


Coffee from people who love what they do

Atomica Coffee

The first Melbourne cafe to roast in-house


A robust, ethical approach

Black Velvet Coffee

Enjoying life’s best moments

Cartel Coffee Roasters

Coffee that will earn your respect

Clement Coffee Roasters

A simple but powerful statement

Clements Coffee Roasters

A simple but powerful statement

Code Black Coffee

The dark laboratory

Coffee Bird

Coffee Bird was created to achieve one thing; to get people excited about coffee.

Coffee Supreme

Coffee that’s been on a journey

Common Ground Coffee

Coffee built on three pillars

DC Specialty Coffee Roasters

The path not often wandered

Disciple Coffee Roasters

Coffee that’s all about the raw product

Dukes Coffee

Coffee that breaks new ground

Every Day Coffee

As close to the roast as you can get

Five Senses Coffee

A boundless enthusiasm for sharing delicious coffee

Industry Beans

Roasting inspired by the third wave

Inglewood Coffee Roasters

Experts with room to spare

Market Lane Coffee

Dedicated to a seasonal approach

Motobean Roasters

Coffee for the daily grind

Niccolo Coffee

Coffee with Italian heritage

Padre Coffee

Coffee in small, loving batches

Profile Coffee

Conscious coffee by farmers who care

Proud Mary

It all starts at the farm

Red Bean Coffee

Hear them roar

Red Star Coffee Roasters

One of the originals

Rosso Roasting Co.

Coffee with no shortcuts

Sensory Lab

Coffee for every taste

Seven Seeds

Coffee that’s a passion, not a job

Small Batch

The name says it all

Square One

Experience you can trust

St Ali

One of the first

Symmetry Coffee Roasters

Coffee with balance

The Coffee Company

Coffee with a family twist

The Vertue of the Coffee Drink

Roasting experience on display

Tin Man Coffee Roasters

Every bean is different

Veneziano Coffee Roasters

Coffee with 25 years of experience

White Mojo

Specialty coffee with a kick

Wide Open Road Coffee

Coffee that focuses on community

Wood & Co

Coffee in pursuit of world peace