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Finca San Martin - Mario Jose Ortéz - Nicaragua (Filter Roast)

Origin: Nicaragua. filter roast.

Finca San Martin - Nicaragua. Washed. Notes of Rosehip, Honeysuckle, White Peach.

Producer Mario Jose Ortéz began his coffee farm, Finca San Martin in 1998.

His coffee trees are grown amongst other vegetation including guaba which is a nitrogen binding legume with a sweet pulp. The biodiversity of this farm encourages plant and soil health which leads to a better coffee.

Mario Ortéz grows a mix of caturra, red catuai, yellow catuai and paca varieties on his farm, Finca San Martin. Ripe coffee cherries are selectively harvested between January to late March by local workers from the surrounding communities.

Tasting notes: Jammy, Rosehip, Honeysuckle, White peach