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ASOFIV Pena Blanca (Filter Roast)

Origin: Narino Colombia. filter roast.

ASOFIV Pena Blanca - Colombia - Raspberry, Cherry, Caramel

Pink B, Castillo, F6, Tabi ASOFIV in english stands for the Association of Women Coffee Producers With Vision for the Future. Formed in 2015 the group has 26 members and they decided to start cultivating coffee for the benefit of their families and community.

Picked and de-pulped on the same day these coffee are fermented for up to 24 hours and dried for around two weeks.

In the cup you will find a complex fruit acidity, with balanced sweetness, and a lush lingering finish. A perfect coffee for both espresso and filter applications.

Tasting notes: Raspberry, Cherry, Caramel