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Finca Don Carlos (Filter Roast)

Origin: Bolivia. filter roast.

Finca Don Carlos - Bolinda, Caranavi - Bolivia (Filter Roast)

This 100% Caturra micro-lot is one of the very first harvests from a brand new farm called Finca Don Carlos, established in 2014. It is located in the colony of Bolinda which lies in a lush, steep mountain valley around 10 kilometers outside of the town of Caranavi.

This very special lot was picked on the 22nd of July 2017 and processed on the same day at the Rodriguez family's Buena Vista mill. It was pulped and then fermented in water for 17.5 hours. After washing, it was dried on raised beds in an open greenhouse with adjustable walls that can be raised to alllow maximum ventilation.

This Caturra lot has a beautiful floral aroma and creamy body. A soft stonefruit acidity, and notes of red fruits and berries are rounded off by a rich chocolate ganache finish.

Tasting notes: Floral, Stone Fruit, Chocolate Ganache