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Finca El Encino - Cauca - Colombia

Origin: Colombia. espresso roast.

Finca El Encino - Colombia - Floral, Cherry, Caramel

Finca El Encino is located in the La Vega region of Cauca, Colombia. Producer Maria Rocio Diaz and her family live on their farm, where they grow over 5,000 Castillo trees. There are roughly 4,000 coffee producers in Cauca, growing on a combined total of around 2,900 hectares - less than one hectare a piece. With an average altitude of about 1,800 meters above sea level, farms in the region are known for producing coffees with more complex acidity and heightened florality.

This coffee is rich and full in flavour, a perfect example of the region! A delivate floral aroma leads to a vibrant acidity and notes of cherry and yellow peach that are rounded off by rich caramel on the finish

Tasting notes: Floral, Cherry, Caramel