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Coffee Bird was created to achieve one thing; to get people excited about coffee.

Coffee Bird was first made in 1992 with a clear vision: quality without compromise. If it doesn’t believe the coffee is the very best it can be, they simply won’t sell it.


On reading the origin story of Coffee Bird on its website, you might be forgiven for thinking you’re being led down a storybook-style tale. In fact, you are:

“Long ago, the mythic discoverer of the brew, Omar, outcast and near death, accepted the gift of a bean-laden branch from a generous bird. Upon boiling the beans and drinking the result, he was enthused and revitalised. He brought his discovery back to civilization—and changed the world forever.”

Intense! But suited to the company’s ethos: Coffee Bird is all about sourcing seasonal, fresh beans, preserving them in humidity controlled fridges and using computer-controlled roasting to bring out each bean’s complexities.

In short, it says, it gives the beans the respect they deserve.

Dean Atkins is the director and manager of Coffee Bird. In his words, Coffee Bird exists to get people excited about coffee.

“Quality without compromise is our promise, and our method.”

Coffee Bird has a big emphasis on the supply chain, and making sure that its practices sustainably support those who are doing the farming.

“We believe that supporting existing supply chains is the way to have a long term effect on the coffee's quality and the farmers' wellbeing. We are lucky enough to work with suppliers that are more than happy to show us around at origin and explain what is happening (in front of, and behind closed doors).”

One of Coffee Bird’s mantras is that it doesn’t care how you make your coffee – it provides something for everyone from espresso machines to pour-over systems and everything else. They even create brew guides for each one, and have solid relationships with hardware manufacturers to make sure each customer has the right method they want the most.

But there’s just one catch:

“If we don’t believe a coffee to be the very best it can be, we simply won’t sell it.”

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