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Origin: Malawi. filter roast.

Chinongo - Malawi - Notes of Caramel, Nuts

This particular lot was produced by the Cinongo Washign Station, which is a member of the Mzuzu Coffee Planter Co-operative Union. Chinongo is located in the Misuku Foothills near the Songwe River, which is the natural border between Malawi and Tanzania. The varietals that make up this lot are Catimor 129, Nyika Catimor and the world renowned Gesha. Catimors are a hybrid of Arabiva and Robusta, which produce a balance of good disease resistance, high hield and tasty coffee. The Nyika Catimor is a drarf version of the Catimor varietal. Gesha, on the other hand, is a rare coffee varietal taken from Gesha town in Ethiopia. It only grows well at very high elevations where climates are cooler and diseases are less of a problem. Gesha has become famous for its distictly floral aroma and complex flavour.

This lot is washed, which produces a beautifully clean and complex flavour profile.

Tasting notes: Sweet, Caramel, Nuts