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January 2019

Trusted roasters with a decade’s experience

More than just a local coffee supplier, the Rumble Coffee team has more than a decade’s experience in making coffee and cafe management.

With a history of running kitchens, espresso bars, and some of Melbourne’s best cafes, Rumble sources from the best growing regions around the world is on a constant search for new flavours. Not to mention the vast array of cafe equipment Rumble supplies to Melbourne cafes.

Currently Shipping

  • Victor Herrera

    This outstanding dry fermented coffee is produced by Victor Herrera of El Tesoro. In our fourth year purchasing from Victor’s operation located in Oporapa, Huila, we continue to be impressed by this coffee’s quality, processing and unique characteristics.

  • Haymaker

    Rumbles go-to cafe blend, Haymaker is designed to be a powerful combination with milk and a knockout as espresso.