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January 2019

Trusted roasters with a decade’s experience

More than just a local coffee supplier, the Rumble Coffee team has more than a decade’s experience in making coffee and cafe management.

With a history of running kitchens, espresso bars, and some of Melbourne’s best cafes, Rumble sources from the best growing regions around the world is on a constant search for new flavours. Not to mention the vast array of cafe equipment Rumble supplies to Melbourne cafes.

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  • Marie's coffee

    It’s a rare treat indeed to find a coffee that’s traceable back to a single Rwandan producer. It’s for this reason that we feel privileged and wonderfully fortunate to be able to share this special lot from Marie Bedabasingwa, a woman of incredible resilience and commitment.

  • Street Fighter

    A sweet one-two punch of Colombia and Ethiopia, Street Fighter provides a blitz of flavour whether white or black. The no holds barred fruit power of the natural Ethiopian cuts through milk and the smooth Colombian provides body and flavour.