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January 2019

Jose Ivan

Origin: Peru. filter roast.

Inspired by his parents who grew sugarcane for the production of brandy and yunque, young producer and family man, Jose decided to continue the long family tradition of doing business by diversifying with coffee.

At first, Jose purchased just three kilograms of seed from the farm he worked and learned at in San Ignacio. As each year passed, Jose took great joy in watching his trees grow and produce more cherries every season. Today, he grows coffee on 3.5ha of land alongside bananas, yuca, and a variety of beautiful vegetables. With 425 members, the Aroma del Valle producer group represents some of the greatest coffee in northern Peru, uniting producers in Jaen, San Igancio, and Cutervo. Since its founding in 2015, the group has worked to promote the development of top-quality coffee, providing economic and social support for producers and their families with a focus on environmental sustainability. With 80% of its land rising above 1700 MASL and with zeniths as high as 2100 MASL, it’s not surprising that Aroma del Valle has had all its coffees hit the 85+ cup score benchmark. With a focus on democracy and loyalty, the quality of product reflects the group’s belief that coffee contributes to both the socioeconomic and personal growth of its producing members. In Aroma del Valle’s own words, members develop “a participatory social identity even inside their own families.” With flavour profiles ranging from milk chocolate and nougat to plum and red cherry, grapefruit and jasmine, Aroma de Valle showcases how a focus on community translates to a stellar cup that everyone involved can be proud to enjoy.

Tasting notes: Vanilla, Red Apple, Sweet Cocoa