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Sumatra Wahana

Origin: Sumatra. filter roast.

Wahana Estate, Sidikalang, Toba, North Sumatra

Since its inaugural year in 2005, the Wahana Estate has grown to become the latest private coffee estate in Indonesia, covering almost 500 hectares. The rich volcanic soil and high altitudes found to the West of Lake Toba where the estate lies contributes to the remarkably deep, hearty flavours found in the Wahana beans. The cherries are left on the trees until they are fully ripe, dried and then pulped. The Wahana Estate distributes seeds to small holders in the area, and the program also includes education on farm management and practices. In addition to providing agricultural assistance, members of the Wahana Estate are supported with housing, work health and safety, free healthcare and free education through the Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Tasting notes: Honeydew Melon, Lemon, Milk Chocoalte